New Virtues Ed Powerpoints!

from our guest blogger, Meredith B. Folley, Ghana (, you can find some of her lovely virtues education powerpoints and teachers’ support materials here.

Dear friends,

I wrote these stories and lesson plans especially with non-Baha’i children in mind…those whose families may be venturing into their first encounters with Baha’i education:

  1. as introductory neighborhood class material that can be used to help non-Baha’i children and their parents feel comfortable with virtues-education (including teaching prayers and quotes);
  2. as lessons that can be used for children’s sessions at summer schools and youth camps, Holy Days, Unit Convention, or simply at home, to complement what kids are learning in Ruhi children’s curriculum (especially grades 1 & 2).

A full story/lesson session could run from 1.5 to 2 hours if all the activities are included, so this might be too long for a children’s session at Feast.

We could call this type of materials – “Supporting Material for Virtues Education”

My ‘packets’ are available to all.

I am currently working on a third packet (on cleanliness).

With warmest greetings to all,
Guest Blogger
Meredith B. Folley, Ghana

Set of Powerpoints and Support Materials for Teachers