The Feast of Jamál and the Ninth and Twelfth Days of Ridván


Feast Pages for Kids are here!

Dear friends, we lovingly share with you the latest 19-Day Feast Pages for Kids!  It's 12 Pages of learning and fun. Read more about it here...

Love,  the Mine Rich in Gems team


Rhythm of the Bahá'í calendar

This is the 3rd month of the Bahá'í year 175. It is the month of Jamál or Beauty. This month starts on Friday April 27th at sunset and lasts until May 16th, 2018. 

In this month we learn more about two Bahá'í Holy Days - the Ninth and Twelfth Days of Ridván. 

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Holy Days

This special festival last for 12 days and is called the "King of Festivals".  The Ninth and Twelfth Days of Ridván fall within the month of Jamál - and those holy days, last for 24 hours, and start at sunset on Sunday April 29th and Wednesday May 2nd. 
They are two of the 9 special holy days that Baha'is take off from school or work. There is more information about how to take holy days off of school or work here. 


For Kids & JY, Youth, Adults

...We are so happy that the "Feast Pages for Kids" can be used for kids, middle schoolers, youth and even adults. We are hearing that some junior youth (12-14 year olds) are helping lead activities for younger children during Feast using these materials. 


Practice Dialogue

...Also included in Feast Pages for Kids is the conversation between four friends about the upcoming Feast - called "Gems Kids Talk". We hope that you can practice conversations like theirs as a dialogue and even create a skit to entertain and share ideas with others. What a great use of the arts!

Do you have some conversation ideas to share with us? Please send them to us by email or through our FB or website contact form. 

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...We hope you can enjoy the new coloring pictures, this month. Many were illustrated by Wei Shang.  

Do you have some illustration ideas or illustrations to share with us? Please send them to us by email ( or or through our FB or website contact form. 


Highlighting Artists

...There is a selected craft project from different sites - and in past issues from Brilliant Star Magazine's website. There are also special stories from Baha'i Stories for Children and music suggestions.

Do you have some good ideas to share with us? We'd love to hear about them. Just send by email ( or or through our FB or website contact form. 


Arts & Crafts

...Featuring arts & crafts to do together and offer as gifts to your community members.

We welcome feedback from you. Do you have some good ideas to share with us? Please send them to us by email ( or or through our FB or website contact form.

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Word Games

...Feel free to download Feast Pages for Kids and share with friends around the world. You can print (prints well in color but also in black and white which can save ink and money) and bring to your 19 Day Feast or other community event.

We've added a feature to help people contribute as they can, but not required, to make sure it is affordable for everyone.

Practicing Dialogues & Skits: Gems Kids Talk - from feast pages for kids


BE 174 16 Sharáf - Honor (Issue 1)

Gems Kids Talk about the feast of Sharáf

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BE 174 17 Sultan - Sovereignty (Issue 2)

 Gem Kids Talk about the feast of Sultan (Sovereignty)

download this page


BE 174 18 Mulk - Dominion (Issue 3)

Gem Kids Talk about the Feast of Mulk (Dominion)

download this page


BE 174 Ayyám-i-Há (Issue 4)

Gems Kids Talk about Ayyám-i-Há

download this page


BE 174 19 'Alá - Loftiness (Issue 5)

Gems Kids Talk about the feast of 'Alá (Loftiness)

download this page


BE 175 01 Bahá - Splendor (Issue 6)

Gems Kids Talk about the feast of Bahá -Splendor

download this page


BE 175 02 Jalál - Glory and the First Day of Ridván (Issue 7)

Gems Kids Talk about the feast of Jalál (Glory) and the First Day of Ridván

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BE 175 03 Jamál - Beauty and the Ninth and Twelfth Days of Ridván (Issue 8)

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Our Latest Creations


We offer Feast Pages for Kids

We co-create activity sets for Feast and Holy Day celebrations. This month, we offer 14 pages for both the Feast and for the First Day of Ridván (Ridván is a 12 day festival). This is for the Feast of Jalál (Glory) which is the second month of 175 BE.  It's our 7th issue to date. Download Feast Pages free of charge. Feel free to share with friends who may be interested. 

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Blessed is the Spot Coloring Pages bundle

We have bundled all 16 of our beautifully illustrated coloring pages with an activity featuring all the images. Bind them together or put them into a folder to create a book. Color. Read. Share with a friend when you visit them in their home.  

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Mine Rich in Gems poster

We  commissioned a painting to illuminate Bahá'u'lláh's words, "The Great Being saith: Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can alone cause it to reveal its treasure and enable mankind to benefit therefrom." This is the basis of our work here at "Mine Rich in Gems" to offer creations that can aid parents, teachers, neighbors, friends materials to support their own efforts to grow spiritually and to be a true friend to their friends and family around them. 

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Forwarded it to many friends! 💝 Thank you so much! 😊  Sent it around the world and getting awesome comments about your wonderful initiative. To name a few countries where people are very appreciative and grateful: New Caledonia, France, Mauritius, Belgium, Kenya, Vietnam, Australia, Belize, Germany, Hawaii, Canada, Kashmir, Honduras, Bolivia, Japan, Vanuatu, Central African Republic, Guam, and several people from different States.

Some people share their challenges about incorporating activities for children at Feast and other events.

Keep up the wonderful work! 😘💕💙

Friends in New Mexico, USA

Great job done! Indeed excellent resources for children classes and children related activities! will share with friends!

Friends in Singapore

Happy Naw Ruz to you all amazing and dedicated friends at Mine Rich in Gems.  

Thank you, thank you and thank you for this wonderful initiative.  The atmosphere at our feasts and holy days have changed so much for our dear children so much since we have started using your great material.  Some of the JYs are taking ownership of running a session for younger children at the feast and they are all enjoy it so much.  

We also just used some of these creative ideas at our children classes today where we held an hour of Naw Ruz celebration and they were absolute hit.  I myself was very proud of my Peacock fruit platter  May you all be blessed by Baha'u'llah in everything you do. Keep up the good work and just know that it is all very much appreciated.

With loving regards,

Friends in Melbourne, Australia

I just wanted to say that we used some of your Naw Ruz printable activities last night at our party and they were a huge hit! I am so appreciative of your feast packets and think it's wonderful that you put a donation button on the page and I will be donating! Many people asked for the link and I'm so glad that you put it right on the printables so that we can all access your wonderful materials. Thanks again!

Friends in Connecticut, USA

You all do an amazing job and we are very grateful for your hard work. What a gift you are giving us!!!!

Friends in California, USA

We love your pages in our community!  ~ I love them and am forwarding around. What a great idea!

Friends in Florida, USA

My son had an especially great time with the crown project... Thank you! Great packet!

Friends in New Jersey, USA

I printed them for our grandson.  We are a community of two but four nearby Baha'is join together for feast and our grandchildren are the only children. I think these pages are as much for the adults as the children! They are wonderful and I am very grateful for them! Thank you so much!

Friends in Ohio, USA

I just wanted to tell you and your family what an absolutely shockingly amazing, fantastic, awesome, inspiring job you are all doing with these feast pages!!!!!

They are so professionally done, so thoughtfully done, so spiritually done. Our community is just dazzled by them! And, as a community with a lot of children, we've been having a conversation for YEARS about the fact that we need some kind of program for the kids during the consultative portion of Feast instead of just letting them play, but it's never really happened because none of us seems to have the bandwidth to figure out what to do with all of them. So these Feast pages are seriously an answer to our prayers!

The kids dive right in and are super engaged. We are so happy and thankful for them, and for you!!! What an incredible service!

Do you want some feedback? There are a few suggestions that have come up as we've used them that I can pass along to you if you'd like.

All our love and admiration and thankfulness,

Friends in California, USA