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Volume 1: 19 Issues + Ayyam-i-Ha Issue
“Introduction to the Names of the Months”

Volume 2: 19 Issues + Ayyam-i-Ha Issue
“Stories from the Lionhearts”

Printed Activity Books

  • Volume 1 Feast Pages for Kids (set of 5)
  • Volume 2 Feast Pages for Kids (set of 5)
  • Blessed is the Spot Activity Book

What's New?

Regard Mine Rich in Gems

Our Mission

is to create Bahá’í inspired materials to support the spiritual education of young ones – whether in a neighborhood children’s class, a group for junior youth, an interfaith devotional gathering, a study circle for friends wishing to improve their spiritual growth or a special event.

Be a guest blogger – we would love to hear from you – and work with you to achieve these goals.

About Us

 We’re a husband and wife team and we create Bahá’í inspired children’s spiritual materials such as workbooks, coloring pages, word games, arts and crafts, stories, and musical suggestions…

Our creations are for parents, grandparents, teachers, coordinators, animators, and assemblies to engage with the children and junior youth of their communities.  They are informative and helpful for older youth and adults who are new to the Bahá’í Faith. 

Uncle Wei and Auntie Lili and friends in Singapore
Uncle Wei and Auntie Lili and friends in Singapore

19 Day Feast Pages for Kids

Over 40 Activity Booklets

These pages of activities for each 19 Day Feast  and month  – are filled with stories, coloring pages, music ideas and arts & crafts. Each packet is about 14-15 pages for kids from age 2 to 102.  

We have 2 volumes and plan to work on more.

Free Downloads

Each of the two volumes has 19 main issues and a special Ayyam-i-Ha issue.

Free Access to Community

Feel free to translate into the language for your community.

Support Parents & Teachers

Use pages with children’s classes and junior youth groups.

Interfaith Uses

Help families of other faiths also learn about Baha’i history and calendar.


Crayon Pink

Volume 1: Introduction to the Bahá’í Months & Holy Days – Great for anyone wanting to learn more about this topic. Great for young and old. Coloring pages, stories, crosswords, word searches and more.

Volume 2: Stories from the Lionhearts of the Time of the Báb. These stories are great for advanced readers. The coloring pages, word games, arts and crafts and healthy snacks are great for all ages.

19 Day Feast
Pages for Kids

Enjoy packets of activities for each 19 Day Feast.  The first volume is all about the NAMES of the FEAST.  The second volume is focused on the stories of the heroines and heroes of the TIME OF THE BÁB. 

Ruhi Book 3 Teaching Children’s Classes Tips & Tools

Tools and tips to assist and giving children’s class and junior youth groups with family and community.

Find our Printed Books on Well Known Sites

Blessed is the Spot Coloring & Activity Book and our 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids are available for sale on many familiar platforms.

Ruhi Book 3 Grade 1 Prayer Book cover little boy praying with sun

Ruhi Book 3: Teaching Children’s Classes Teachers’ Tips & Tools

Be a Guest Blogger!

Share your creations as a guest blogger here on our site. We’ll share your information below. Just connect with us on our contact page for more information.

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