Support Spiritual Education of Children & JY

+ engages children and junior youth ages 2 to 14+ + provides basic Bahá'í concepts and history + reinforces the rhythm of the Bahá'í calendar and the timing and importance of Bahá'í Holy Days + supports giving to the Fund + strengthen Bahá'í concepts and identity through questions for reflection, study and recitation of holy writings, relaxing coloring pages, word games, stories, and exploration of Bahá'í music and other suggested resources + use kids' time for spiritual development during 19 Day Feasts, quiet times, and visits with family, friends, and neighbors

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We find this as a way of including our children in the Feast, rather than taking turns doing something else with them during the administrative part. And we anticipate the junior youth being able to help them. Eagerly anticipating the next pages...


I am always grateful for all those wonderful Bahá'ís all over the world who share their talents and creations with the rest of the world family. As we approach the Bicentenary of the Báb, your Lionhearted issues are wonderful!! I know this must take a lot of time to prepare! Thank you so much for making this available for moms like me that don't have the time to put together nice materials like this one!


Love this idea! Want to provide these booklets to the children in our cluster as a gift from our Feast Committee and their LSA. This helps the children and their parents, too, learn about the importance of the 19 Day Feast! Thank you! Delivering the workbooks through home visits is an interesting idea.  


Love this. Thanks for sharing! 😍


 Thank you so much for these resources! It was a hit at our community feast. The children whose ages ranged from almost 2 to 10.5 loved it!

New Zealand

I am on a children's feast committee (and member of the LSA). Your pages are fantastic! ... Thank you so much for your service!


I love this! Thank you so much! Time to print and share with our little ones! Hugs

Hong Kong

I missed out on all this kind of fun stuff when I was a child but it’s never too late! I’m gonna attempt this puzzle myself! It’ll be wonderful to print out and share.


Thank you! I am new to the faith and am not leading a class. I have a three year old but need to learn the basics myself. Thank you.


Allah’u’abha... a friend shared your website with me right before feast and thank goodness your feast activity booklet was a success everyone loved it even the adults.


This is a wonderful place to get some GREAT Feast resources for the children in your community.


I download your Feast pages every time to give to our junior youth, and feel I should give back. Please let me know. I have donated to Tahirih Justice Center for my birthday, and I’d like to help you with your projects.


Thank you very much for sharing these wonderful pages. It's very creative and inspires us a lot.


Dear Friends,
Thank you for this precious gift!  I cannot express how grateful I am for your beautiful Feast pages.  And the booklet is lovely and will be so useful in our children’s class. You are providing a great service and I appreciate all you do. With love from 

the Netherlands

We came upon these materials as our community began classes for kids during the feast. We couldn't have sustained these classes without them! 


I think the work you are doing is amazing and I am so grateful there is a resource like this for parents and kids. Amazing! 


Read your blog post and it’s a great great idea! Our cluster is having a “Youth Summit” to focus on youth outreach and conversations and the title of the gathering is “Lionheart Youth Summit: Youth Summoned to the Vanguard once again”. Super exciting that you’ve shared your thoughts on your page and love love the name you thought of! Mahalo so much for your service to creating this website!

USA (Hawaii)

Thank you so much for your hard work! I love these! And share them with my 15 grandchildren, and others. Love!


I am so impressed and attracted to your production. I would like to share that I have sent your production to be used by friends in Malaysia, it amazed me so much that I wanted children to benefit from it. You have put tremendous amount of effort in it. It's beautiful, colorful, informative, educational - all bundled into ONE and so much fun. Thank you


Thank you, thank you and thank you for this wonderful initiative.  The atmosphere at our feasts and holy days have changed so much for our dear children so much since we have started using your great material.  Some of the JYs are taking ownership of running a session for younger children at the feast and they are all enjoying it so much.  


Congratulations on your publication. How do I purchase a copy for my kids?

South Africa

The kids dive right in and are super engaged. We are so happy and thankful for them, and for you!!! What an incredible service! All our love and admiration and thankfulness!


"This is such a well presented and thoughtful program for our youth. Everything you need for a lovely children’s Feast is at your fingertips. Don’t delay in providing your community’s children with this service. Stories, music, Holy Writings and fun activities all in one place! Thanks Mine Rich in Gems! Stellar job!" 

The Philippines

THANK YOU for such dedication, caring and service!!


What an amazing site! Definitely rich in gems of estimable value :) Thank you for sharing this with all of us and making it easier for all of us...


We love your pages in our community!  ~ I love them and am forwarding around. What a great idea! 


Great job done! Indeed excellent resources for children classes and children related activities! will share with friends!


My son had an especially great time with the crown project... Thank you! Great packet!


You all do an amazing job and we are very grateful for your hard work. What a gift you are giving us!!!!


I printed them for our grandson.  We are a community of two but four nearby Baha'is join together for feast and our grandchildren are the only children. I think these pages are as much for the adults as the children! They are wonderful and I am very grateful for them! Thank you so much!


The work you are doing is SO valuable to the Bahai community. With much gratitude,


[A]s a community with a lot of children, we've been having a conversation for YEARS about the fact that we need some kind of program for the kids during the consultative portion of Feast instead of just letting them play, but it's never really happened because none of us seems to have the bandwidth to figure out what to do with all of them. So these Feast pages are seriously an answer to our prayers!


We used this at our Feast on Sunday ... and had a blast!  Was great to have stuff for various ages. Thanks so much!


Happy Naw Ruz to you all amazing and dedicated friends at Mine Rich in Gems.  We also just used some of these creative ideas at our children classes today where we held an hour of Naw Ruz celebration and they were absolute hit.  I myself was very proud of my Peacock fruit platter  May you all be blessed by Baha'u'llah in everything you do. Keep up the good work and just know that it is all very much appreciated. With loving regards,

Australia (Victoria)

Dear friends Allahuabha, These feast pages will be extremely beneficial in Brazil where I live. I would like to know if there is the possibility of adaptation/ translation to Portuguese so that they can be used in the Brazilian Bahá’í community? I myself can do all the translations...Thank you so much for all your hard work and making these valuable resources available for all.


I just wanted to tell you and your family what an absolutely shockingly amazing, fantastic, awesome, inspiring job you are all doing with these feast pages!!!!!They are so professionally done, so thoughtfully done, so spiritually done. Our community is just dazzled by them!


Forwarded it to many friends! 💝 Thank you so much! 😊  Sent it around the world and getting awesome comments about your wonderful initiative. To name a few countries where people are very appreciative and grateful: New Caledonia, France, Mauritius, Belgium, Kenya, Vietnam, Australia, Belize, Germany, Hawaii, Canada, Kashmir, Honduras, Bolivia, Japan, Vanuatu, Central African Republic, Guam, and several people from different States. Some people share their challenges about incorporating activities for children at Feast and other events. Keep up the wonderful work!


This is sooooo important if we want to retain the children's interest in Baha'i life!!


I just wanted to say that we used some of your Naw Ruz printable activities last night at our party and they were a huge hit! I am so appreciative of your feast packets and think it's wonderful that you put a donation button on the page and I will be donating! Many people asked for the link and I'm so glad that you put it right on the printables so that we can all access your wonderful materials. Thanks again!


Thank you, thank you and thank you for this wonderful initiative.  The atmosphere at our feasts and holy days have changed so much for our dear children so much since we have started using your great material.  Some of the JYs are taking ownership of running a session for younger children at the feast and they are all enjoy it so much.  


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