Kid Charades

I love this game!


  1. Before class write a few key phrases on slips of paper from the lessons, songs and prayers they know; like: 
    1. make me a brilliant star; 
    2. we are drops; 
    3. these children are the plants of Thine orchard; 
    4. the light of unity can illumine the whole earth; 
    5. tread ye the path of justice; 
    6. good neighbors come in all colors; 
    7. Blessed is the spot; 
    8. O God guide me; 
    9. it’s me, it’s me, it’s me, who builds community… 
  2. Put them in a container. 
  3. One kid from each group takes a turn picking one.

During Class

  1. Open with prayers
  2. Explain how charades works:
    1. cannot talk, 
    2. must act out the words. 
  3. Group the kids into 3 teams of mixed ages (older ones with younger ones) that’s for a fairer game. 
  4. Allow one team at a time to pick one charade slip and act out the words. Let the older kids help the younger kids and clap a lot and laugh and have fun! Keep score on a whiteboard or large drawing pad!
  5. After playing for about 10-20-30 minutes, vote for the team that did the 
    1. best acting; then vote for the team that did
    2. the funniest acting; then vote for the team that 
    3. guessed the most right answers
  • Give each group a reward that can be shared, like: small bag of: cookies, chocolates, stickers, seashells, etc. Be creative! 
  • Snack 
  • Closing prayer

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