Mine Rich in Gems - Poster (PDF) - Mine Rich in Gems

Mine Rich in Gems - Poster (PDF)

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(Downloadable PDF design, Resolution 612 x 792, 2.4 MB)

Featuring an inspiring quotation from Bahá'u'lláh often at the heart of spiritual education in Bahá'í communities, this PDF poster is great for printing or using in learning materials. Designed by Auntie Lili for use in children's classes, at the 19 Day Feast, and Holy Days and at home visits, and illustrated by Anita Gadzínska, this simple poster can be used to create a powerful learning tool. 

Watch Auntie Lili as she plays several games with the puzzle made from another version of the poster - printed in color and pasted to cardboard (or cardstock or foamcore) and then cut into 24 rectangles. On the back is written 24 virtues - from Ruhi Book 3, Teaching Children's Classes, Grade 1. The games she plays, and more, help children to focus on the words and explore their meaning, becoming more aware of our character qualities, our spiritual 'gems of inestimable value'.   
Watch, as illustrator, Anita Gadzińska, explains her artistic process in creating the illustrations for this poster.