LIONHEARTS | Months 1- 10 | First Half Year PDFs

LIONHEARTS | Months 1- 10 | First Half Year PDFs

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First Half Year - Downloadable! (PDF)
10 Issues:  Issues 1- 10
Bahá, Jalál, Jamál, 'Azamat, Núr, Rahmat, Kalimát, Kamál, Asmá, 'Izzat

    In honor of the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Báb, Mine Rich In Gems dedicates a full year of Feast Pages for Kids to stories of the early followers of the Báb:  20 issues of Volume 2: Lionhearts from the Time of the Báb along with a related Timeline and Map of Persia and Arabia. And now we offer a digital bundle of the first 10 issues in one order. 

    • Download the first ten 15-page workbooks and print at home or with your local printer (We have found that local printers often offer much lower prices and really good service compared to chain office stores, and we like to print two sided, with the first two sided page in color and the rest in black and white/greyscale to save on costs.) 
    • Please purchase according to the number of families you are serving:
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      • serving more than 20 families? please consider ordering multiples of the above as fits your situation. 

      As a small family business, we appreciate your support! Every 19 days we create new materials for both Volume 2, and refreshing our first volume, Volume 1: Introduction to the Bahá'í Calendar.  In both of our volumes you can find many familiar sections to help young learners discover more about the 19 Day Feast and Bahá'í History, Quotations and Questions, Gems Kids Talk/Dialogue/Skit, Coloring Pages, Word Puzzles, Arts and Crafts, Snacks, Music Suggestions, and inspiration about the Bahá'í Fund.