Issue 07 Jalál - Glory + the First Day of Ridván

Issue 07 Jalál - Glory + the First Day of Ridván

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Dear friends, we lovingly share with you the latest 19-Day Feast Pages for Kids!  

We include the regular sections like "Gems Message of the Month" for the 19-day month of Jalál, which means Glory. This month starts on Sunday April 8th at sunset and is the second 19-day month the Bahá'í year 175 BE. 

In these 14 pages we get to learn more about the "King of Festivals"  - the 12 Day Festival of Ridván. The First Day of Ridván falls within the month of Jalál - and that holy day starts at sunset on Friday April 20th and lasts for 24 hours. It's one of the 9 special holy days that Baha'is take off from school or work. There is more information about how to take holy days off of school or work here. 

Also included in Feast Pages for Kids is the conversation between four friends about the upcoming Feast - called "Gems Kids Talk". We hope that you can practice their conversation as a skit. 

We hope you can enjoy the new coloring pictures, this month. Many were illustrated by Wei ShangThere are also as word games, a selected craft project from Brilliant Star Magazine's website as special stories from Baha'i Stories for Children and and music suggestions.

Feel free to download and share Feast Pages for Kids with friends around the world. You can print (in black and white, grays or color) and bring to your 19 Day Feast or other community event. 

We welcome feedback from you. Comments? Suggestions? Ideas? Email us!  You can even post pictures and or stories on our Facebook page

With lots of love,
the Mine Rich in Gems team 

This first year of 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids are a complimentary gift for families and communities around the world. Please share Issue 16 (of 20) with your friends.   
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