A simple set of Ruhi Book 3 prayers (9 of them) with illustrations for children to color, cut and fasten together.


This year, BE 177, we are dedicating our efforts to ‘Abdu’l-Bahá and in support of all teachers especially those using the Ruhi Book 3 Grade 1 curriculum.

For Month 1, Bahá/Splendor, we offer a free gift the 9 prayers from Ruhi Book 3 Grade 1 to fit into a 4×6″ or 5×7″ mini photo album (available at many stores or can be hand-made). The mini photo albums make sturdy, small-sized booklets and are perfect for the small hands of children.

1) Begin by downloading our 6 page pdf containing 9 prayers, two cover pages and 12 images for children to design for themselves when they feel ready for that
2) Print the pdf in black and white
3) Cut each page in quarters.
4) Let the children color and decorate all the images over time. There are a lot of images.
5) Inserting the pages can be tricky but it is good practice for focusing. Luckily, it’s easy to shift the pages and change them around. Begin by inserting the prayer book cover image into the front cover pocket (if there is one) or the inside cover. Insert the ’meaning of prayer’ page next.
6) Now it’s time to insert the 9 prayers in order with their coloring picture. Two longer prayers need an extra page. There are 14 images and two blank spaces, which can be inserted next to the prayers according to your child’s wishes.

Voilá… The little prayer book is ready for prayers!