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Are you struggling to plan and organize work in focus neighborhoods? Are you dedicated to the spiritual education of children but a little overwhelmed? Do you need a little help getting Home Visits organized and planned? We know how you feel. It’s a lot, for sure!

Mine Rich In Gems presents A Home Visit Planner to put all of the important details at your fingertips. This tool can help your team plan Home Visits all year round, year after year.

Available as a printable .pdf and as an Excel file, get started on the “Who” page. Here, you will document kid’s names and birthdays, parent contact info, and mark which class each child can be counted in. The excel version will automatically populate each name entry on the other pages. It will also automatically mark which class they should be counted in, based on their birthday.

The “When” page allows you to mark kid’s availability, either in general (weekend or weekdays), or on specific days of the week.

Once you have those two pages populated, sit down with your team to fill out the “1 Year Plan” page.

The “What & How” page provides tips for Home Visit planning and use of the Excel version of this tool.

When you order, you will receive a link to a zip file containing both versions of this tool. Download and get planning!

We LOVE your feedback!! Tell us how this tool is working for you and if there is anything we can do to improve it!

Oh, and once you have purchased this tool, you will automatically receive a new link any time the tool is improved.

To you, with love and encouragement,

from us at Mine Rich in Gems