Collaboration Opportunities

Interested in working on Feast Pages for Kids - activity pages to support children's programs at the 19 Day Feast? We would love to collaborate with you. Just email us at or use the form below.  Some areas where we could use some help include: 

    1) Experiences

    • Share a story about your 19 Day Feast experience and we'll include it in our blog and/or social media

      2) Activities & Arts Suggestions

      • Word Games & Activities (Related vocabulary list of 19 words and their meanings)
      • Arts & Crafts (including snack idea to serve at the feast)
      • Stories of the Central Figures and other Bahá'í figures.
      • Music suggestions
      • Art - ideas, or actual art (photos, drawings, crafts, painting, sculpture, origami, etc) from children, junior youth, youth or adults

      3) Writing & Editing

      • Writing about the Holy Days  (when there are holy days in a month - a special page dedicated to learning more about it.)
      • Writing a story for Gems Kids Talk  (About 300 words, a skit between 4 friends with conversation and story helping children get ready for the monthly feast, giving to the Bahá'í Funds, consultation and related to community building.)

        4) Share with friends

        • Share the Feast Pages with friends
        • Be a guest blogger, write a blog post about the 19 Day Feast