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Auntie Lili's Books & Things - is a place for morally inspired books and learning materials written by Auntie Lili, Uncle Wei, Kati Livingood and Christiana Lawson, along with other friends and artists. These books and things are geared towards all kids and parents around the world. 

We look forward to get to know you and collaborate with you. You are out there in your neighborhood, having dreams of how to connect and engage with your family, neighbors, and friends.  We wish to create things that will help build community and that will support your work to educate young people. To shine their 'gems of inestimable value'. 

Joy to all,
Auntie Lili & family
This is us! Lili & Wei Shang

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Mine Rich in GemsMine Rich in GemsMine Rich in GemsMine Rich in Gems