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19 Day Feast Pages for Kids

Volume 1: Introduction to the Bahá'í Months and Holy Days
Full Year - 20 Issues, Months 1-19 + Ayyám-i-Há
14-Page Downloadable PDF Workbooks

This resource has been diligently developed by a small family business.  
Thank you in advance for purchasing the quantity you intend to print.

Join us for a full year of workbooks of Volume 1! We explore each Bahá'í month through:

  • Questions - to explore and learn about the Bahá'í Calendar and Writings
  • Gems Kids Talk  - to practice dialogue and skits
  • Coloring Pages - to relax and use arts and color
  • Word Puzzles - to strengthen vocabulary and thinking skills
  • Arts and Crafts - to create together and offer as generous gifts
  • Snacks - healthy and fun creations to serve to others
  • Story and Music Suggestions - to inspire
  • and an inspiring message about the Bahá'í Fund

19 Day Feast Pages for Kids! supports:

  • the spiritual education of children in a community
  • their parents, children's class teachers, junior youth animators and coordinators, assemblies and feast committees
  • 19 day feast, holy days, home visits, and in support of children's classes and junior youth groups. 

These pages are a fun way to engage children and junior youth in the study of the Holy Writings at the 19 Day Feast and throughout the month, learning the rhythm and flow of the Bahá'í calendar. For ages 2-14. And - they make wonderful gifts for Ayyám-i-Há, Naw-Rúz, other Holy Days, a new school year. 

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