Vol 2 Month 01 | color | Ventures of the Lionhearts

Vol 2 Month 01 | color | Ventures of the Lionhearts "Shaykh Ahmad and the Secret" (50 downloads)

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DEAR COMMUNITIES:  You can buy 50 downloads at a 50% discount of the (20 page downloadable PDF workbook in color). You can print in grayscale/no-color mode to save on printing costs. 

We are so excited share the new year of 19 Day Feast Workbooks for Kids Volume 2 Ventures of the Lionhearts with you in honor of the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Báb. 

At Naw-Rúz, for the month of Bahá - Splendor, we begin our 20-part journey featuring 20 stories (plus 2 bonus stories!) of the courageous, selfless and world transforming acts of the first followers of the Báb. Our first issue contains the story of "Shaykh Ahmad and the Secret"! which is symbolized by the calling bugle in the timeline of our stories this year - seen below:  

Mine Rich in Gems 19 Day Feast Workbooks Ventures of the Lionhearts 20+2 Story Timeline

Follow along each month with us! As with Volume 1, each 19 day monthly workbook issue will be based on the name of the month, and contain many familiar sections such as, Quotations and Questions, Gems Kids Talk, Coloring Pages, Word Puzzles, Arts and Crafts, Healthy Snacks, Music Suggestions and inspiration about The Bahá'í Fund.  You'll also find amazing new features:  the new stories, related maps and timelines! We hope you really love these 19 Day Feast Workbooks. 

There are also poster sized versions of the Map of Persia and Arabia circa the 1800's and the Timeline of the 20+2 Ventures of the Lionhearts stories that we plan to feature in the upcoming 20 issues of the 19 Day Feast Workbooks.

These workbooks are great for a variety of ages from 4 to 14 and beyond. See what your family can do together to explore the Ventures of the Lionhearts! For communities - we also sell the downloadable Feast Workbooks (great for other times during the month, too) at a discount for multiple downloads.