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Gems Kids Glass Terrarium Fairy Garden Planter

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Your Gems Kids will love creating a whimsical fairy garden with this geometrical "gem" of a terrarium! Add some moss and succulents, and let the creative ideas flow! These terrariums are a wonderful way to add whimsy and creativity to any decor, and they clean the air a bit too. Great for homes, classrooms, or even outdoors! (Planter only. Contents not included.)

Terrarium Instructions:

  1. Layer the bottom of the container with gravel or small rocks
  2. Mix soil according to the plants you will add. Layer the soil loosely on top of the rocks.
  3. Add features that create different levels and sections, like rocks, sticks, or pebbles.
  4. First plant the mosses and then add small succulents and/or other plants.
  5. Decorate with fairy furniture and figurines!

Be sure to share your creation with us! Hashtag #19feastpages4kids


- Color: As shown.
- Material: Glass and tin.
- Size: Approx. 14 x 14 x 12 cm. / 5.5 x 5.5 x 4.7 in.