Full-Color Printed Paperback Workbook - 4 Issues per Workbook

We are happy to share our paperback versions of the 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids! These workbooks will each include four, full-color, lovingly created issues, plus a few bonus pages here and there.

That makes 20 full issues per year, one for each Bahá'i month plus a special Ayyám-i-Há issue - all packed into 5 paperback activity workbooks. Every 2 1/2 months - or 4 Bahá'í months - 

These helpful resources include basic foundational information and are great for children and friends that are new to the faith. Kids can write their names on the front, even be gifted from their parents, teachers, Local Assembly or Feast Committee.

They can bring their workbook to feast, children's classes, and other activities. Check out the snack and craft ideas for each month to plan ahead. Encourage the children to tackle the more challenging activities together. Invite them to perform the Gems Kids Talk as a skit - embellish it to express their own ideas. Encourage them to use the learning styles from Ruhi Children's Class to explore the themes found in these lovingly created workbooks.

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