Maxie's Monster and the Jar of Stars

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What's the easiest way to lose the trust of your friends and family?
How hard is it to win that trust back?
Maxie finds out the hard way...
And her monster is no help at all.

How will Maxie overcome her lower nature to win back the trust and respect of her mother, grandfather, teacher, and friends? Maxie’s journey isn’t easy. As she makes choices to be helpful, kind, honest and trustworthy her monster shrinks until “poof” - it disappears. 

The objective of the story is to inspire reflection and discussions about behavioral choices in a gentle wayIt will help children address their choice about behaviors as helpful or not.

It is designed to discuss ways that build trust and a better world or not through using the game, “Tentacles of Darkness or Rays of Light”. Each negative behavior has a corresponding virtuous action that leads to a better understanding of conquering the lower nature and contributing to a better world. It also lends to creating "Lucky Wishing Stars" with thoughts and sentences about the choice of virtues and actions. We also include a recipe of the "Ooey Gooey Chocolatey Marshmallow Cookies"

Note: Maxie’s Monster and the Jar of Stars is not treating naughty behaviors as funny. It is a realistic book about an average little girl from a multi-generational mixed racial home. 

Audience: The story is intended for primary school age children, teacher, parents and caregivers of elementary age children.  Market: Parents, teachers, libraries and centers of learning for children. Age Range:  2 - 12 years Grade Level:  PreK-6th grade Series: Maxie Hardcover: 44 pages  Product Dimensions:  8.5 x 8.5 inches Language: English ISBN-13: 978-1481430227

Author Information: Lili Shang has been bringing joy to children through her hands-on teaching aids and storytelling for decades. In her classroom challenges become opportunities for little minds. Lili now collaborates on books, games, and engagement tools to bring joy, hope, and love to hearts around the world.  

Illustrator Bio: Anita Gadzińska