BLESSED IS THE SPOT - Activity (2-page pdf)

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(Downloadable PDF)

Released in 2017 in honor of the Bicentenary of of the birth of Bahá'u'lláh, this printable (pdf) activity page is wonderful for helping children learn the whole prayer and the parts in order. 

Ways to Use the Activity 

Watch as our Auntie Lili shows some of the learning activities we can use with pictures of each of the "blessed" locations identified in the prayer. In this example she made discs of each part of the prayer. See some of the games she plays with them.  


Visit her video where she plays learning games with the "Mine Rich in Gems" puzzle pieces - with the quotation on the front and the back of each of the 24 pieces with a virtue:

Where to Use the Activity

Use this activity 

  • at home,
  • in children's classes,
  • during 19-day feasts,
  • at holy day celebrations

and at...

  • reflection gatherings,
  • unit conventions,
  • firesides,
  • study circles,
  • junior youth groups,
  • a coloring table during special film screenings,
  • interfaith devotional gatherings,
  • race amity programs, and
  • many more 'unity in diversity' outreach efforts.