19 Day Feast Pages for Kids!

“This feast is held to foster comradeship and love” - ‘Abdu’l-Bahá 

19 Day Feast Pages for Kids workbooks are created with love for children and junior youth (ages 2-14). And to support parents and Local Assemblies, children's class teachers and junior youth animators and their coordinators. 


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We have two volumes:
Volume 1:  Introduction to the Bahá'í Months & Holy Days.  Click here.
Volume 2:  Lionhearts of the Time of the Báb
How to Use the 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids
Step 1:  Choose a volume that best fits your needs for the year
Step 2:  Choose how many you are serving and check out
Step 3:  Wait for delivery of full-color printed materials
Step 5:  Inspire! Offer as hand delivered gifts, engage junior youth to teach younger ones, learn and create together at Feast, children's classes, junior youth groups, and more. 
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