19 Day Bahá'í Feast Pages for Kids


This feast is held to foster comradeship and love” - ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

In December 2017 we started to make a few activity pages to support communities in engaging children at the 19 Day Feast. With each Bahá'í month we learn more and the "Pages" have evolved into distinct parts:  1) a Front page - with a quotation(s) from the Holy Writings and a definition of the name of the month;  2) a Holy Days page - for those that may fall in the month;  3) a Gems Kids Talk section - a dialogue for learning about preparing for Feast and being of service, and for conversation and skits;  4) a Coloring page -  to help us understand the quotations;  5) Word Games - to help learn the vocabulary of the quotations;  6) Arts & Crafts - including a snack art - to support that knowledge and to create something healthy and delicious to serve during the social portion of the Feast; and 7) Suggestions - of stories, music and activities.


  • Print in black and white (which saves money) - print extra copies for friends in your cluster
  • Engage children, junior youth, youth, or adults to help out with a children's program for the 19 Day Feast, Holy Days, or even Ruhi Book 3 children's classes (and devotional gatherings, home visits, firesides, reflection gatherings, Unit Convention, and film nights) 
  • Practice reading, writing, spelling, thinking, praying, reciting, coloring, storytelling, communication, consultation - even use for dialogue, conversations, dramas or skits with the Gems Kids Talk section
  • Use throughout the month and over the years - they are easy to store in notebooks or folders
  • Share link with friends.
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