19 Day Bahá'í Feast Pages for Kids

“This feast is held to foster comradeship and love” - ‘Abdu’l-Bahá 


Monthly Pages for Parents, Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles

  • Created with love by "Auntie Lili" Shang >> Each download, 1 per family, is $2.95 >> Communities can purchase multiple downloads for a great discount >> New issues will now be available in color or black & white for easy printing

Supporting Teachers, Animators & Coordinators

  • Use them to help out with a children's spiritual education programs for the 19 Day Feast, Holy Days, Ruhi Book 3 children's classes, and devotional gatherings. >> Practice reading, writing, spelling, thinking, praying, reciting, coloring, storytelling, communication, consultation - even use for dialogue, conversations, dramas or skits with the Gems Kids Talk section.

Supporting the Atmosphere at the 19 Day Feast and Home Visits

  • Engage children, junior youth, youth, or adults to study a prayer and do a Holy Writings word puzzle.  >> Create a gift/snack/craft or sing a song while you are visiting a friend at home, hosting a fireside, taking part in reflection gatherings, Unit Conventions, or film nights.
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