Just a wee bit of news

Hi friends! Back in January, Wei and I shifted to a whole food plant-based diet, and of course the ever-addictive refined/processed salt, oil, and sugar, i.e., and all junk foods had to go… eventually. By the way, the standard American diet, “SAD”, was destroying me slowly with lots of chronic pain, dementia, and our savings with expensive (pharmaceuticals). My options were stated emphatically by a Mercy One doctor, “Pharmaceuticals or hospitalization and death – heart disease, stroke, heart attack, cancer!” However, Wei and I opted for Hippocrates’ philosophy to let food be our medicine and medicine be our food. That’s right, I’m “healing with foods” illuminating all foods and drink that cause threats to health. It’s been a drastic! It’s been difficult! It’s been instantly rewarding and confirming! One of the many secrets, spices, herbs, and mushrooms. These ingredients made our new meals delicious. We bought mushrooms in the beginning, and the selection was small and expensive. Now we are foragers and that’s because daughter Kati became interested in hunting mushrooms and turned us on to wild ‘rooms with “chicken of the forest”, “puff balls” … You guessed it! These ‘rooms were free and she got the benefits of a relaxing walk in nature as a bonus. Some of the wild edible mushrooms of Nagaland; a. Auricularia… | Download Scientific Diagram Thanks for stopping by.