Coming Soon! Volume 1 of Feast Pages for Kids - Ayyam-i-Ha Gift

You may notice that we don't have all of the issues on our site anymore. We are preparing to offer Issues 6-25 (after we rework our first 5 issues to meet our current standards of quality) as a full year of Feast Pages for Kids. 

Please keep a watch out to buy a set for your community!

Please let your registered groups and local spiritual assemblies know of this resource - perhaps it can be a great gift to them or an investment.  Perhaps you know of families and communities who could really use a set. If you have a cluster children's class coordinator in your region or cluster -

please let them know about this resource in case it can be helpful


19 Day Feast Pages for Kids from Mine Rich in Gems - Baha'i Inspired Creations - Gems Kids Thank You! Watch for Volume 1 20 Issues for Ayyam-i-Ha Coming Soon!


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