Why all the changes?

Alláh-u-Abhá! So glad you asked. Thank you for your feedback which is definitely helping us to improve our site and communication. ♥️

You're right.  For about 23 Bahá'í months we offered the pages with a more direct link. This month we encourage friends to set up an account on our site. I'll share how here, and why, afterwards. 

How to use our checkout system:

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      4. Open your email for account verification from Mine Rich in Gems. 
      5. Click green 'Activate your account' button in the email.
      6. Then Activate Account with your password; confirm it in the second box: 
      7. Verify you're not a robot. 
      8. Log in.
      9. Press blue 'Complete order' button.
      10. Wait a moment as the site prepares your download(s).
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      14. Enjoy!

19 Day Feast Pages for Kids






A little background - we started out about 2 years ago planning to sell Auntie Lili's books and things, signing up for 3 years with our current website platform. Working on getting the books ready (editing, production, illustration, publishing and marketing processes) has taken a lot longer than we expected, so Auntie Lili started to make the Feast Pages for Kids. We didn't expect the Feast Pages for Kids to become so popular and to be our main focus! We are glad and striving to make the website platform fit for these services. 






Why are we charging now?

In order to sustain our efforts to serve we are charging a small fee of $2.95 per issue (and soon bundles at a discount) starting with our next issue, AYYÁM-I-HÁ PAGES FOR KIDS.

  • Starting with the new year 176 BE we will have a new theme for the Feast Pages for Kids based on the heroines and heroes during the time of His Holiness, The Báb, called Lionhearts (Volume 2). We have in production 20 issues that are released month by month as we create them, starting at Naw-Rúz with the month of Bahá. 
  • We are also in the process of packaging the first year's issues, Bahá'í Months and Holy Days (Volume 1).  Soon they will be available to be purchased at a discount in a bundle of 20 issues for a year's worth of Feast Pages, or in bundles of 10, for half a year. 

We hope the friends around the world understand our need to charge to cover some of our expenses. We also hope the friends can afford a set for their community or cluster or even as a gift to another cluster. If there are any problems with using our website or being able to afford the materials we want to know and help the friends serving children in this way. Some ideas that may help with being able to afford and use the website: 

  • individuals talk with their local assemblies or national assemblies about ordering a set for a cluster
  • children's class coordinators consider ordering a set for their cluster 
  • local and national assemblies considering a set for each cluster interested in the materials. 

Other communities may wish to organize to create a new set of Feast Pages for Kids with a different approach and also in different languages. Many friends have requested Portuguese, Romanian and French so far for communities who use those languages. If you are interested in that please click here>> to see our approach if that can help you. 


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.


With loving greetings and sincere gratitude,


Christi Lawson
Communications for 

Mine Rich in Gems


  • I agree at least there are options to pay upfront as part of the commitment to fully utilizing the best of your service and more sure is the benefit to our Baha’i children around the globe. ( Shah LSA, Ambenob Cluster – Madang, PNG )

    Abegul Bodick
  • In the future will you be able to subscribe for a whole Bahai year and pay upfront ?


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