Pricing for Downloadable PDFs

Our pricing structure for downloading each issue is as follows: 

 1 download/family $2.95
25% savings for 2 downloads/families $4.43
50% savings for 3-5 downloads/families $7.38
58% savings for 6-10 downloads/families $12.54
63% savings for 11-20 downloads/families $22.13

If you are serving one family - please feel free to order the "one download per family" of our 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids workbooks (pages may vary - we're striving to make each pdf downloadable workbook for Volume 1 to be 14 pages, and Volume 2 they are 15 pages). 

If serving more than 20 families please select additional quantities of the above. We are trying to make our work affordable and will sustain our business. We trust your fair judgement to decide how many families you are serving. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email us or call us at +1-331-444-3927.


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