Request from Brazil to Translate Feast Pages for Kids

We get so excited every time we receive an email from friends. We get more energy and we get more insights into what is working and what could be improved - how to grow. We feel hopeful. 

Today we're so excited to have received an email from friends in Brazil about translating Feast Pages into Portuguese. We're talking about how to go about this now.

In fact we have been talking for months now about how to allow for more materials to be available for friends to perhaps edit and tweak to fit the individual needs of their community. A one stop place where parents and teaching teams, coordinators and assemblies, teachers and animators, can find and quickly prepare just the right materials for Feast for the children and junior youth in their communities. Where they can quickly access coloring pages from artists around the world, dramas/skits/dialogues, word puzzles, stories, songs, arts n crafts, and more including those from the Ruhi Book 3 materials used now in the Institute Process, of course, and from friends around the world with materials to contribute. They could use the features to prepare materials for other community building activities, too. 

Earlier this week we also had the great opportunity to reach out to another Baha'i friend in Hawaii who is producing materials to share with those engaged in Baha'i inspired community building activities. We got to talk with Corbin Doak from and learned so much about ways to share materials with the world through social media posts and a very useful website. He was so encouraging and we are thinking of ways to collaborate on Feast materials for kids and junior youth - in the future. 

It makes us think about the Ridvan Letter from the Universal House of Justice of this year about the growth that is happening in clusters around the world, 

Two years into the present Plan, although naturally progress is not uniform from country to country, the number of intensive programmes of growth in the world is approaching half the five thousand contemplated in the current global endeavour, and the rate at which this number is rising has been steadily increasing. Looking more closely, there are promising signs of how the powers and potentialities of individuals, communities, and institutions are being manifested. 

And further, 

For the believers everywhere, the experience of the bicentenary celebration demonstrated that many of their day-to-day interactions with the people around them can be infused with the spirit of teaching. And as the work in thousands of villages and neighbourhoods gathers momentum, a vibrant community life is taking root in each. The number of clusters where the system for extending this pattern of activity to more and more locations is becoming well established—enabling, thereby, the friends to pass the third milestone along a continuum of development—has grown markedly.

Now, this is exciting! This is what we're all working for. So glad we're in this together - accompanying each other in building vibrant communities. 

With so much love,

The Mine Rich in Gems team

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