New! Feast Pages for the 19 Day Feast of Kamál - Perfection

The theme this month is the fruit of human perfections upon the tree of being based on this quotation from Bahá'u'lláh:

"Strain every nerve to acquire both inner and outer perfections for the fruit of the human tree hath ever been and will ever be perfections both within and without."

We have 11 pages this month - with the front page having questions, like last month when we first started adding these, to help kids think about the meaning of the quotation and the name of the month. 

The Gems Kids have their monthly dialogue to think about applying what they understand about the quotation from Bahá'u'lláh. These dialogues can be used to create further skits and conversations and eloquent speech. 19 Day Bahá'í Bahai Baha'i Feast for the month of Perfection Gems Kids Talk dialogue skit drama youth junior youth children

Kids of all ages can enjoy the coloring page of the "Tree of Being".  And they can help each other with the word puzzles!

19 Day Bahá'í Feast calendar Word Puzzles Games Crosswords Kids Children Junior Youth Baha'u'llah

Working together with older kids or adults on the arts and crafts would be fun - and serving up the Food Art during Feast (and other activities) would be such a treat!

There are a few suggestions for stories, music and activities (we'd love to hear your suggestions for future issues of 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids). 


Enjoy and as always, we love to hear from you. 

With love,

The Mine Rich in Gems team 
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