For the Feast of Jamál (Beauty)

Dear all, 

We have put together 12 pages of activities for the Feast of Jamál (Beauty). The Bahá'í month of Jamál starts at sunset on April 27th this year. Here at Mine Rich in Gems we are wishing you a beautiful new month. 

Feast Pages for Kids
for the month of Jamál (Beauty) 
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We are currently working on future issues to make sure there is material that is appropriate for younger children, say under 6, and up to 6-7, 8-9, 10-11. Of course, those 12 and over can use the materials, too. 

We are also working on separating each page and assigning appropriate tags - so that you can choose activities to fit the needs of your family and community a little more. In the future, we'd love to develop a service that allows for much more collaborating and sharing resources so that you can choose activities easily and even co-create activities that are perfect for your feasts and holy days. 

As always, if you have an idea of what you and the children would love to do during Feast to help understand Feasts and the roles it plays in building community - please reach out to us. Email us at

With love,
Christi for Mine Rich in Gems


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