First Day of Ridván Story and Coloring Page

In our Feast Pages for Kids we highlight the Holy Days that fall within the Bahá'í month. For the month of Jalál the Holy Day is The First Day of Ridván. This year that holy day starts at sunset on Friday April 20th and last for 24 hours until right before sunset on Saturday April 21st. 

We've seen so many fun things that friends are doing to help us learn the story of how, in April 1863, Bahá'u'lláh, the prophet and founder of the Bahá'í Faith, was preparing for his departure from Baghdad, where He had been exiled for the previous 10 years, to Constantinople (now called Istanbul, the capital city of Turkey and then the capital of the Ottoman Empire). Because He was so loved, many people came to see Him and it made preparations for His family difficult. Instead he took a boat across the Tigris River to a garden, filled with roses and birds, and set up a tent. He stayed there for 12 days until His departure, on a beautiful horse, for Constantinople. You can download that story and coloring page here

Wishing you a Joyous Ridván

The First Day of Ridvan


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