Feast of 'Azamat - Wings of Grandeur

Dear Readers,

It's really interesting working on the 19-day schedule, orienting to this pace of life. 

Our mom, Lili Shang, is the one who really researches the meaning of the month and comes up with all the activities you see in the Feast Pages. This month she is back to creating many of the art pieces in the Feast Pages for Kids.  She should tell us about the process in a blog post soon.

My job, after my sister formats the materials expertly into the fun, colorful pages that can be used for Feasts (or other events, too) is to get it online for you! And here it is:

Feast Pages for Kids
for the month of 'Azamat (Grandeur)
(this link bypasses the check out process)

We have joyfully put together 12 pages of activities for the Feast of 'Azamat (Grandeur) for friends around the world. The Bahá'í month of 'Azamat starts at sunset on May 16thMay 16th this year. We are also celebrating two very special Holy Days, the Declaration of the Báb ('Azamat 8) and the Ascension of Bahá'u'lláh ('Azamat 13). Here at Mine Rich in Gems we are wishing you a beautiful new month!

Please let us know what you'd like to see more of - perhaps more study of the Ridvan Message? Please email us at minerichingems.IPG@gmail.com.

With love,
Christi for Mine Rich in Gems


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