About those 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids!

19 Day Feast Pages for Kids workbooks are created for children and junior youth (ages 4-14), with love, by the family team at Mine Rich in Gems.

Try the first and last pages for free, or download one issue for one family for USD $2.95. Purchase multiple downloads for multiple families at a great discount. Or purchase a 4-workbook-bundle in full color print!

This resource has been diligently developed by a small family business. Please support them with your honesty by purchasing the quantity of workbooks that you intend to print. Read more here.

Currently we have the below volumes available. With your help, we can continue developing more!

  1. Introduction to the Bahá'í Months and Holy Days includes 14 pages per month of information and activities. This series is helpful for establishing the basic rhythm and traditions of the Bahá'í Faith.
  2. Lionhearts of the Time of the Báb includes 16 pages per month of information and activities. This series provides a historic look at how the Bahá'í Faith started. There are currently 8 issues available for download, plus a supplemental map and timeline that reinforces this basic history.

These workbooks can be used to support spiritual education and identity by Supporting Individuals, Communities, and Institutions. These can include: 

  • parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles
  • friends
  • teachers, animators & coordinators
  • assemblies and groups

They can be used during these and other Supporting Activities:

  • 19 Day Feast and Holy Days
  • Ruhi-based children's classes and junior youth groups
  • seasonal schools
  • home visits, devotional gatherings,
  • unit conventions, movie nights,
  • firesides, study circles

    They can also be used to Strengthen Skills like:

    • reading, writing, spelling, thinking, praying, reciting, coloring, storytelling, communication, consultation - even use for dialogue, conversations, dramas or skits with the Gems Kids Talk section.
    • home visiting - educational books and workbooks like these can make a wonderful as a gift of education and love from the children and junior youth's community. 
    • studying a prayer or other holy writings  - word puzzles, stories, skits can help explore and discuss the meanings of words, phrases, and concepts
    • being of service - arts and crafts activities or singing a song can be done and presented as gifts to others. 
      Here's how to use them:
      • Join the Mine Rich In Gems mailing list to receive a reminder to download the new issue of 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids shortly before each Feast Day.
      • Download the 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids workbook. We ask friends to order 1 download for each family. Have multiple families? Not to worry! We offer very affordable multiple download discounts!
      • Print efficiently by using these printer tips.
      • Write names on workbooks to help keep them with their owners. Staple pages together or put them in folders. Here are some helpful organizing ideas! 
      • Deliver and share with children and junior youth. Offer as a personal gifts or engage in service projects to raise money to order them. Offer pages during home visits, at 19 Day Feasts, children's classes, junior youth groups, devotional gatherings, study circles, firesides, reflection gatherings, unit convention, seasonal schools, and more. Explain the parts of each workbook. Engage children, junior youth, youth or adults to help lead activities for younger ones, study and memorize the Holy Writings.

      Each issue includes:  

      Quotes and or Prayers from the Holy Writings + Questions for Engagement + Gem Kids Talk Dialogue/Skit + Coloring Page + Word Puzzles + Arts & Craft Idea + Creative Snack Idea + Suggestions like Stories or Songs + Inspiration about the Bahá'í Fund

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