10 Pages for the Feast of Rahmat (Mercy)

Dear Bahá'í friends,

"Cherished friends, this is truly a moment to give thanks to the Best-Beloved. There are a great many reasons to be encouraged. Yet we are only too aware of the scale of the task that remains. Fundamentally, as we have previously indicated, there must emerge in many hundreds of clusters a growing band of believers who can maintain, with those around them, a sustained focus on nurturing growth and building capacity, and who are distinguished by their ability and their discipline to reflect on action and learn from experience. Raising up and accompanying an expanding nucleus of individuals in each place—not just at the level of the cluster but within neighbourhoods and villages—is at once a formidable challenge and a critical need. But where this is occurring, the results speak for themselves."  --The Universal House of Justice, Ridván 2018 Letter, paragraph 4

With gratitude, we humbly share ten activity pages for children for the 19 Day Feast of Rahmat (Mercy) and the Bahá'í Holy Day, the Martyrdom of the Báb. We pray that our pages to support you and your community in your community building. They are called 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids and are created lovingly by Lili Shang, a grandma in Iowa. Her family members help format and send the pages out to friends around the world. Lili's heart's desire is to create support materials that help the friends around the world in their core activities for community building. She welcomes, *loves*, to cooperate with others and encourage others. That goes for all of us here at Mine Rich in Gems. (4 family members, Lili, Wei, Kati and Christi). 

Friends in Australia made these encouraging observations about the 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids

"The atmosphere at our feasts and holy days have changed so much for our dear children ... since we have started using your great material.  Some of the JYs are taking ownership of running a session for younger children at the feast and they are all enjoying it so much."

Our pages are free of charge and can be downloaded at our website, www.minerichingems.com. They can be printed in black and white or color. They can be placed in a notebook for safe keeping for reference throughout the month and years. We're even working on how to make them more editable for translation or other changes. 

With warmest regards,

Christiana Lawson
Mine Rich in Gems
Mobile: +1 (331)444-3927
Email: minerichingems.com@gmail.com 

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