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Our vision is to bring together local and global organizations in the movement to end poverty.


Since the 1500, we have been one of the world’s leading organizations in ending poverty. Our mission continues to be to provide aid all over the world to communities and families in poverty.



We’re a husband and wife team and we create Bahá’í inspired children’s spiritual materials such as workbooks, coloring pages, word games, arts and crafts, stories, and musical suggestions…

Our creations are for parents, grandparents, teachers, coordinators, animators, and assemblies to engage with the children and junior youth of their communities.  They are informative and helpful for older youth and adults who are new to the Bahá’í Faith. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create Bahá’í inspired materials to support the spiritual education of young ones – whether in a neighborhood children’s class, a group for junior youth, an interfaith devotional gathering, a study circle for friends wishing to improve their spiritual growth or a special event.

Be a guest blogger – we would love to hear from you – and work with you to achieve these goals.


Our Materials

We have 40 downloadable (free of charge) 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids workbooks of at least 14 pages each. We also have other free downloadable materials for education of children.  

We have 10 printed booklets containing the forty “19 Day Feast Pages for Kids” workbooks.  You can order them through us, the Australian Bahá’í Publishing Trust, and other book sources such as Amazon. 

In addition we have 1 printed “Blessed is the Spot Coloring and Activity Book” that can be ordered from us, the US Baha’i Publishing Trust, the Australian Bahá’í Publishing Trust, and other sources. 

Our “Auntie Lili’s Books & Things” line has 3 printed storybooks, “Maxie’s Monster and the Jar of Stars”, “Trouble” and “Abracadabra Ziggety Zam”. 

Our Partners

Our Partners in making the world a better place.

Be a Guest Blogger!

Share your creations as a guest blogger here on our site. We’ll share your information below. Just connect with us on our contact page for more information.

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