Hello from “Auntie Lili” Shang

Hi everyone!

My name is Lili Shang. Welcome to our Mine Rich in Gems blog. Like you, I’m a lot of things and I have a lot of beliefs. My favorite belief is that we belong to one human family. We are all related like brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas. So, think of me as your auntie, Auntie Lili.

And, I love my family.

The best and my most favorite thing to do is to work and learn with others. I love working with people, especially children for as long as I can remember.

In 1974, I began teaching Baha’i Children’s Classes. Those kids wanted to have fun. I wanted them to learn a lot of things to be a world citizen, a rather new concept in the day. I asked myself, “How to do this?”

Well, I discovered games…puzzles, pictures, music…more games…and fun food and pure fun. I had to get out of my “teacher control box” and venture into the unknown of “we are having fun together and I’m a learner as well”. I did this with a great big smile on my face. It was a much better way to relate to kids and a lesson. If I’m having fun so are the kids in my class.

I started making teaching tools, learning aids, puppets, puzzles, lots of things that helped them read, stay focused, enjoy the content, understand the points and remember the pertinent facts. These tools had to be fun and user-friendly and understandable. Not all things worked, but that was good, too. Mostly, the children were eager to touch and move the things. Soon, they began leading the learning. They were much more creative than me and taught me so much. Participation was high and joy.

All the websites for Auntie Lili’s Books and Things will offer and share things that help children enjoy learning.

Please, take a peek at a video of our neighborhood children’s classes at my home in north Singapore here.
This blog (and other social media) will share the things that were made and we are making for the neighborhood classes. Most of the supplements are fun activities for the classroom or home, from the opening prayers to snack time.
  • Can’t get kids to read prayers? Well, try prayer cards. Prayer cards are child sized with large print and colorful picture.
  • Help kids sing along to the music by displaying the lyrics large and clear in a Teacher’s Big Book (a flip chart sized spiral binder). It includes prayers and quotes, too.
  • Anagrams help memorization as the kids shuffle the words or phrases into the proper order.
  • Picture-discs help kids learn the order of “Blessed is the Spot”.
  • Role plays, puzzles, stories, crafts, science projects, healthy snacks enrich lessons.
Auntie Lili’s supplement books & things aim to rich the Ruhi curriculum themes. The activities are designed to develop thinking skills, retention, understanding and memorization through joyful play. Please note, the activities are good for primary school aged children, but even adults and teens like the materials.
Come back often and check out the new postings, freebies, activities, products, and videos on how to use the books and things we offer. Including links to others working on the same path of service!
Bye-bye for now,
Auntie Lili

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